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Concrete investigations

Fields of application

Engineering structures

  • railway bridges
  • road bridges
  • parking garages / underground parkings
  • water-/ sewage water- / energy construtions


  • bearing structures

Methodology and tools

non-destructive structural investigations

Damage cadaster
Determination of concrete cover, position and corrosion of reinforcement
Potential measurements, resistivity measurements
Measuring compressive strength with rebound hammer, tensile adhesion strength
Minor-destructive investigation on the structure – extraction of material samples
  • Extraction of drill cores
  • Extraction of boring dust
  • Sounding openings

laboratory investigation of construction material samples

carbonation depth
moisture content
chloride content
sulphate content
compressive strength
gross density
target-performance comparison
  • Evaluation of the required repairs
  • Prognosis of durability
Planning of concepts for repair and/or maintenance
  • Construction members- and exposure-related proposals
  • Comparisons of variants


  • Repair and/or maintenance guidelines of DAfStb
  • DIN standards
  • WTA-leaflets
  • DBV-leaflets
  • Guidelines of DB AG