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Structural assessment investigations

Fields of application

Engineering structures

  • railway bridges
  • road bridges
  • parking garages / underground parkings
  • water-/ sewage water- / energy construtions


  • bearing structures
  • waterproofing / moisture protection
  • facade / natural stone, plaster, concrete


  • bearing structures
  • natural stone
  • artificial stone
  • facade / plaster, stucco
  • waterproofing / moisture protection
  • indoor climate
  • preventive conservation

Methodology and tools

In situ

Non- and minor-destructive investigations of moisture and deleterious salts
Detection of internal structures of construction members by probing and video endoscopy
Sampling – minimal-invasive samples and core drillings

Laboratory investigation methods

Determination of physical material properties
Scanning electron microscopy
Infrared spectroscopy
X-ray diffractometry
Measuring properties of water absorption and release
Investigation for desorbing minerals

Determination of cause and extent of damage
Evaluation of the required repairs
Prognosis of durability
Concepts for repair and/or maintenance


  • WTA-leaflets
  • VDI-guidelines
  • Work specifications
  • Guidelines of DB AG