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Moisture and climate measurements

Fields of application

Engineering structures

  • parking garages / underground parkings
  • water-/ sewage water- / energy construtions


  • waterproofing / moisture protection


  • waterproofing / moisture protection
  • indoor climate

Methodology and tools

non- and minor-destructive moisture investigations according to WTA
Determination of damages caused by moisture and deleterious salts by extraction of samples and laboratory analysis according to WTA
Determination of physical material properties
Determination of sorption behaviour
resistivity measurements according to ZMPB leaflet

mobile and stationary climate measurements

  • Measuring temperatur, relative humidity, airflow, radiation, CO2, Luftdruck, Niederschlag, Windrichtung und –geschwindigkeit
  • Planning, configuration of the measuring equipment in our own laboratory
  • Transmission of data via mobile communication, ISDN and internet
  • Supply of measuring data via webserver
Long-term measurements of moistness of construction members


  • WTA leaflets