Fields of application

Engineering structures

  • railway bridges
  • road bridges
  • parking garages / underground parkings
  • water-/ sewage water- / energy construtions


  • bearing structures
  • waterproofing / moisture protection
  • facade / natural stone, plaster, concrete


  • bearing structures

Methodology and tools

Metrological determination of static and dynamic properties of structures

  • Conception and planning of metrological long-term measurements
  • Configuration of project-related measuring systems in our own laboratory
  • Programming of project-related measuring software
  • Installation and operation of measuring systems
  • Transmission of data via mobile communication, ISDN and internet
  • Analysis of data with own evaluation programs
  • Supply of measuring data via webserver

Measuring of strain, stress, deformation, inclination, force, vibration, climate, moisture


  • WTA leaflets
  • DAfStb guidelines