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Moisture protection / waterproofing

Fields of application

Engineering structures

  • railway bridges
  • road bridges
  • parking garages / underground parkings
  • water-/ sewage water- / energy construtions


  • waterproofing / moisture protection


  • waterproofing / moisture protection

Methodology and tools

Technical planning for additional moisture protection

  • Determination of cause and extent of damage, prognosis of damage progression
  • Evaluation of existing constructions and waterproofings
  • Prognosis of durability
  • Planning of measures and costs
  • Draft of construction details
  • Draft of specifcations
  • Quality assurance accompanying the planning and operation
  • Technical construction management


  • DIN standards
  • WTA leaflets
  • STUVA leaflets
  • leaflets of Deutsche Bauchemie (German construction chemistry)
  • guidelines of DB AG