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Technical equipment

The equipment of our office is always kept up to the state of the art. Great importance is attached to own flexibility.

Investigation Technology for Structural Assessment

  • Technology for the investigation of concrete
  • Non-destructive in situ investigation technology
  • Core sampling technology
  • Specific resistance measuring technology for soil and masonry
  • Moisture measurement technology
  • Videoendoscope
  • Thermo-Camera
  • Digital video technology
  • Digital photo technology, specific crack detection

Measuring technology

  • Measurement systems for mobile measuring
  • Measurement systems for monitoring
  • Vibration Measuring technology
  • Hardware for Alerting/Notification
  • Hardware for transmission of measuring data
  • Sensors for measuring moisture, temperature, displacement, force, wind, vibrations, strains, inclinations, pressure, radiation…
  • Measuring laboratory for adjusting and configurating measuring systems
  • Workshop for manufacturing specific mecanical solutions

Measuring vehicle


Laboratory technology

Laboratory equipment and hardware for measuring, documentating and assessing (with specific software):
  • Physical and chemical material characteristic values
  • Contaminated sites and analytics of dangerous goods
  • (Micro-)structural analytics
  • Strength values
  • Characteristic moisture values
  • Characteristic values of deleterious salts
  • Digital microscopy


  • Integration of all workplaces in an Intranet based on Windows and Exchange
  • Site-networking with partners
  • Fileserver, Exchangeserver, FTP-Server
  • 25 workstations and 10 laptops (working computers)
  • Printing technology: Laser printers black/white and colour, colour laser copier (A3)
  • Smartphones
  • Site coupling via VPN-tunnel
  • Providing remote access to network resources


  • Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, Powerpoint)
  • DIAdem
  • Catman
  • Autocad
  • MK Cad
  • Bauersoftware BuildUp
  • Heinze Ausschreibungstexte
  • LabVIEW
  • Delphin
  • WUFI Plus
  • Heat